Why you shouldn’t blog on Medium
Yann Girard

Sure, but just starting your own blog not on Medium does not, in and of itself, guarantee any of the things you say Medium does not provide. Ultimately you are responsible for generating your own traffic. And you are responsible for generating content interesting enough to make people want to read your profile.

But I agree with what you say from the perspective of a reader. At some point the “Top” list is old news and I don’t need to see that anymore. Also the “Top stories for you” is poorly managed. But then I have yet to find any company’s curatorial algorithmic generation of my interests to actually provide material I am interested in. I would much prefer the default listings to be based on “Latest” and I’ll find what interests me, thank you.

So, yes. Medium does a great job of promoting what is already popular written by people who are already popular. And usually not all that interesting. So I have to make an effort to find what is NOT already popular, find what everyone else is _missing_.

I also hate how they handle “responses”. I end up clicking through several html pages and totally lose where I started from. And I hate how responses are “stories”. No they aren’t. They’re responses, comments _on_ a story. At the very least let me parse out my own responses from my actual stories.

Ah, well. My experiment with Medium is about over. I do enjoy interacting with the writers here, especially the one’s less travelled by. I think they are far more interesting than the “Top” writers.