The path to great writing?

I am convinced after all the reading I do online, the great differentiator between good writing and great writing has to be a well edited piece. I don’t mean grammatical and typographic editing, though there is much needed there, too. I mean a great content editor. Someone to read one’s work and help the writer see what is padding and veering too far from a topic. I wish I had one. I know I need one.

There are a lot of good articles, interesting topics. They often seem to fall into the trap of doing less with more. I often tell choreographers that when they think are done creating a dance the first thing they should do is cut out 10%. Then, when they are done with that, cut another 10%.

I think a lot of writers would benefit from this advice, myself included. Self editing, though, is tough. I know everyone wants to sound profound. I get the desire to write something compelling. We love to tell stories. But few of us know when we’ve done too much.

So, here is to all the editors in the world! I wish I knew you.


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