Making Room for Hannah
John Tillman

Unless, of course, the emotion is at the end of the sermon during the alter call. That’s how some pastors and even some congregants, know it was a successful sermon, the outward weeping from the weight of guilt. /s.

Like other issues we can identify in the Church, I don’t think this is solely a Church issue, but as much cultural. Kind of like how a friend of mine just posted this video on Facebook, where emotional or psychological issues should be dealt with by simply “Stopping it.”

The rugged individual of US and Western culture is supposed to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. There’s no time for self-indulgences like emotions. Even weeping and grief from the death of a loved one will meet with the eventual “it’s time to move on”.

However, and even because, as cultural an issue this may be, it seems the Church can offer a space where none can be found anywhere else AND for anyone, not just “believers”, those who are memebers of this particular social or country club.


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