Lee did what he could in opposition to slavery and secession, but in the end the establishment…

Who said it was an easy choice? Sometimes the right thing is the hardest choice. And many in that day did make the right choice even as it divided their communities and families. And sometimes making the wrong choice undermines all the right one may have felt. In the end it is our actions that define us. And that one act spoke far more powerfully than any internal conflict he may have suffered.

I live in the south. I am a born southerner. I’ve travelled this whole country and visited Kennesaw Mountain, Gettysburg, and MANY other historic Civil War sites and museums. We are not at risk of “getting rid” of memorials and monuments. There is no risk of any of this being “erased”.

The point is that there are better places for the monuments to be displayed and in the right contexts. There are better ways for us to remember that time than to rub people’s noses in it that were most adversly affected, like naming newly segregated schools after Confederate heroes.

Let the Robert E. Lee monument be inside a museum with appropriate contexts of history to explain his turmoil.


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