Codeine Crazy: The Motivation

Drugs have always been a motivation in music. Pink Floyd used opiates, the Beatles dropped Acid, and Snoop Dogg is the king of burning bud before recording a song. Future Hendrix has had an amazing run in his rap career, much like Lil Wayne’s from 2006–2010. Future has reached Platinum with 2 albums this year, and has spawned the #FutureHive, which is the name for his very large fanbase. Future credits a lot of his success to Codeine cough syrup, and strong opiate that contains Promethazine and is more commonly known as “lean”.

The best part about it all? There’s more to come. Kynard McCray wrote earlier about how Future’s split with Ciara inspired even better music.

“People love to be able to relate to the music that they listen to rather to just listening to a song that has nothing to do with anything. Future gave young America trap music that is still trap music but dealing with emotions and decide that we all go thru at some point in life and turned his pain into money.”

Well know there’s fuel to the fire. Ciara has began a relationship with Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, and Future isn’t pleased that Ciara keeps their son away from him. Future’s son Future Zahir Wilburn was spotted at Seahawks minicamp, and Future came out and publicly said that he was annoyed with a series of tweets.

Future has yet to respond on a song about the situation, but he has another Album planned for 2015. Beast Mode 2 has been confirmed, and fans are very excited. This quote came from Erich Donaldson in his blog “From One Love To Another, Future’s Codeine Inspired Run”, which was written before the release and reception of Dirty Sprite 2.

“If his actions are any indicator, Future is going to make sure that he goes down in rap history with this run. There isn’t a much better time to drop his third album, Dirty Sprite 2. His three tapes haven’t even calmed down yet, still fresh in the ears of the public as his followers do the lord’s work of spreading the gospel.”

Another Future fan, @NateSaid, sums up Future perfectly. Some think that he just mumbles along and has no real talent, but in Nate’s post “The Reign of Future Hendrix”, he explains his music in one solid paragraph.

Future stands out in the music universe. He’s a wizard at using his vocals as an instrument and mixing it beautifully with some of the hardest production that our speakers get blessed with. So many artists, established and on the come up, are trying to run with his style but to no avail. This rapper, that rapper and the next rapper all could rap about drugs. But it takes a different type of talent to be able to make the listeners actually feel like they aren’t sober. That’s one of the gifts the Free Bandz leader possesses. Lyrically, he won’t wow you. If you want to be wowed lyrically just go listen to Kendrick Lamar with your internet browser nearby with a tab open for Rap Genius. If you want to hear motivating street spirituals over jiggy-trap production, then listen to Future.
What A Time To Be Alive

The Codeine, the heartbreak, and the pure spark of musical genius…I guess you could say Future’s run has been…. Sensational