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Being inspired to create is one of the most natural feelings one can have, as this is what drives our society to innovate. The people’s ability to create is of society’s most significant pushes for change. However, we tend to gloss over how important the ability to receive and analyze is to how new media is created in the first place. Players are the most significant part of video games, much bigger than the games themselves. As an aspiring video game designer, I’ve observed the growing importance of the player audience in the video game industry.

The video game industry has one of the fastest-growing audiences in the world. This year, there has been an estimated total of 1.2 billion PC gamers globally ( Minecraft, a top-rated sandbox survival game, has over 50 thousand mods, all created by dedicated fans ( A mod is a user-made modification that can be added to enhance the gameplay of a PC game. A vast majority of PC gamers rely on mods to make the game more suited to their needs or add in mods for the fun of it. This aspect of participatory culture has led to people turning their mods into their own stand-alone games. The Stanley Parable, a PC game launched in 2013, started as a mod for Half-Life 2, a game that came out nearly ten years earlier ( The mod reached 90 thousand downloads before creating a separate game, which was even more successful ( However, some modders have caught heat from game developers for their alterations. …

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