Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf

Tom Wolf graduated from Dartmouth University with his bachelor’s degree in government in 1972. He then attended the University of London where he earned his Masters of Philosophy in 1978 followed by a Ph. D. in political science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1981.

During his time at Dartmouth, Wolf spent two years working with the Peace Corps in India.

Once he finished his education, Wolf returned to his hometown of York, Pennsylvania, where he worked for his family’s building supplies business, WOLF.

Originally employed as a forklift instructor, Gov. Wolf eventually bought the family company. Under his guidance, WOLF grew into the United States largest supplier of kitchen cabinets.

Wolf left his family’s business to serve as Secretary of Revenue under former Gov. Ed Rendell in 2007. One of his primary projects while serving in this role was to reform the state lottery which led to many benefits for senior citizens.

After preparing to run for governor in the 2010 election, Wolf disregarded this plan and returned to WOLF which had been suffering since his departure and was on the verge of bankruptcy. Reassuming his role as president and CEO, he remodeled how business was done at WOLF and quickly turned the company’s fortune around.

In 2013, Wolf began his campaign for governor of Pennsylvania, a position which he was elected to in the fall of 2014.

Once in office, Gov. Wolf caused controversy by immediately placing a moratorium on the death penalty. Other notable legislation came when he reinstated a ban on fracking, an oil extracting process where high-pressure mixtures of water, sand and other materials are injected into the rock, in state parks.

Wolf is a supporter of gun restrictions, abortion, homosexual marriage and higher taxes on the wealthy.

He has been married to his wife Frances for 41 years and has two daughters, Katie and Sarah.

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