HB1523: How Christians in Mississippi Are Fighting the Wrong Battle

I’ve been intentionally pretty silent about HB1523 on social media, because I know a lot of people have their minds made up and my commentary probably won’t change that, but I want to make a quick point to those who believe this law worthy of defense.

I follow Jesus and I oppose this law. The reason why: I believe Christians in Mississippi fighting the wrong battle. As I read the Gospels, I find that Jesus is far more concerned with making in-roads with those that the religious community shuns then he is in furthering those divides. I would propose that, instead of fighting to protect “religious liberty”, our time would be much better spent fighting to mend the relationship between the Christian community and the LGBT community. When we do that we may then actually have the voice to communicate with each other on a relational level — instead of avoiding doing so in the name of the law.

Furthermore, the passing of this law has killed any voice Christians may have had in the LGBT community. Sure, it may offer certain protections, but what’s more important: protecting your rights or having the opportunity to speak life into someone? I fear that in gaining the former, we have absolutely destroyed the latter.

I know and understand that there are Christians who will differ with me on this approach, but my viewpoint is that one of the most significant parts of the Christian life is laying down our rights, not fighting to protect them.