Just Another Flag Post

Would you be offended if the Mississippi flag included Isis symbolism instead of Confederate symbolism? I hope so. I would be too.

Why? Because such symbolism represents an ideology of people that hate you and me. It conjures up images of people treating people like us as less than human. Could you imagine pretending like such a flag was representative of us while it is simultaneously being used as a symbol of hatred toward us? The idea would be laughable if it wasn’t so offensive.

Now, put yourself in the shoes of our black brothers and sisters in Mississippi. Can you see how the flag that’s flown at our city halls, at our schools, and across our state might not feel representative of them? Worse, it feels representative of those who consider them less than human. Whether flown in support of slavery or of white nationalism, this symbol has said “black people are worth less than white people.” How in the world could it be representative of a place where people of color make up more than 1/3 of the population? It can’t, and it shouldn’t.

White Mississippians, listen: we must begin to consider perspectives other than our own. We must begin to see the cultural and institutional racism that pervades our state, and we must begin to weed it out. We must renew our minds and seek transformation. We are the most religious state in the nation! We ought to be passionately leading the way when it comes to healing the wounds of racism, not standing casually on the sidelines.

A better flag isn’t going to heal these wounds in one miraculous touch. But, if you ask me, our symbolism is a beautiful and appropriate place to start.