Milo at UC Berkeley

Nowadays being conservative or having a conservative opinion is now considered controversial. Milo Yiannopoulos is very popular for driving liberals crazy, and UC Berkeley is the perfect example. He was invited to speak by the college Republicans and was shut down two hours before he was scheduled to speak. Protests had been going on for hours and his event was cancelled along with him being evacuated from the building out of fear for his well being. Riots later broke out causing $100,000 in damage along with people being injured. Every article has its own take on this event and Fox and CNN are about as opposite as it gets.

The CNN article is interesting. When it comes to stacking they are dry particular about who they let speak in their article. Yiannopoulos himself doesn’t even get quoted until the very end of the article. They focus on the schools stance saying they don’t agree with what happened pulling from their released statement to the public. They then decide to discredit Milo’s freedom of speech because he was saying so called “hate speech.” The article writer very clearly is no fan of Milo’s but does condemn the riots.

Now for the Fox Article. In this one, Yiannopoulos is the first person quoted and he is quoted right away, it’s very clear who they want you to empathize with in this article. UC Berkeley does have its statement in this article as well but because of the way it is ordered it seems much more like a half baked attempt at making up with Yiannopoulos over something they should have prevented. This article also talks about the trump supporter who was pepper sprayed and that there were police in riot gear at the event, which the CNN article left out.

Overall the CNN article seems to be more biased against Milo because of his very conservative stance on many things. They perceive him as some sort of evil man who deserves the harm that was threatened on him, where as the fox article decides to show that facts how it was. This is important because CNN almost tried to justify the riots that took place making their readers believe that kind of behavior is okay to display when someone disagrees with you or even worse, hurts your feelings.

CNN article

Fox article