The Dying Dogs

Everybody knows that sympathy sells. This commercial is a prime example. This add plays sad music in the background while you sit and look at clips of dying dogs. Then they as you for money to help them. The need to nurture type of advertising is very obvious in this ad because all you want to do is help. Humans need to nurture, and this ad definitely plays on that evolutionary need.

The need to nurture tactic in this ad is so blatant that this ad almost literally asks you to nurture the dogs. This ad spends its entire screen-time showing us cute animals in need knowing that it will make the viewer need to help. When you include the sad music playing over it, it’s almost overkill. It rides that narrow line of “this is too much” and “aw I want to help.” Ads like this play right into our evolutionary need to care for the helpless, and it will always work. People want to love and care for other living things and this ad makes it clear that that is all these animals need.

I believe it is quite clear this ad is targeted at women. Stereotypically women are the most nurturing and caring of humans so this need to nurture tactic is most often targeted at women. This ad also plays sad music which will trigger more emotion and going with the stereotype that women are more emotional, this music is meant for the women watching the commercial. The ad tells women that all they need to do to help these poor suffering animals is donate, and while watching the commercial the hope is that they are made so emotional that they call and pledge money.

In conclusion, This ad really plays into women’s need to nurture and care for others. It combines emotional imagery with emotional music to create one big state of needing to help in any way possible.