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…Fiercely competitive, strategic healthcare content marketing requires agility, speed and planning to achieve sales goals…

…5 Key Concepts To Help Your Healthcare Content Marketing Go The Distance…

…The most successful healthcare content marketing strategies embrace the concept of relentlessly jockeying for position when it comes to audience engagement, search ranking, sales and ROI…

Healthcare And Technology Compete Against Themselves Everyday…

Healthcare content marketing is a never ending race. Healthcare and digital technology are two industries which literally outpace themselves with innovation. This tandem of change represents challenges and opportunities for healthcare marketers to consistently go the distance with their content marketing strategy. These are five concepts to establish and maintain the success of your healthcare content marketing and sales initiatives.

Commit Your Content To The Audience

The healthcare audience consists of a variety of stakeholders. There are significant differences between communicating with clinicians, healthcare administration, patients, consumers and other audience sectors. Do not hesitate to develop two distinctly different communications regarding one healthcare topic to engage specific audience stakeholders effectively. Fine tune your messaging accordingly so it is appropriate for the persons you seek to engage. The rhetoric should align with the audience’s level of understanding and accurately / clearly convey your message; even being slightly off may disinterest or mislead your audience and discredit you; something to avoid at all costs when it comes to healthcare.

…Details from Pew Research shows 74% of internet users engage social media with 80% of those users focusing on specific health information -plus nearly half of them are searching for information about a specific physician or other type of clinician…

Help Google Help You

Healthcare content has an enormous global web presence. Be certain your content is strategically well-written, search friendly and topic-centric. Key words are good, long-tail key words are better. Views don’t matter unless they are from the persons you are targeting and hope to further engage. Take a little more time to craft your healthcare content so it can be found by those it matters to most.

…Spinning Out Of The Curve…

Practice Good Form

Be certain the format of your content / text is laid out cleanly and well organized. It is always courteous and digitally important for your content to be easily read; now more than ever mobile viewing needs to be accounted for in format and technical aspects. Carefully evaluate and confirm your healthcare content can be easily read whether it is displayed on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. The more quickly it can be read / understood enhances audience engagement and their inclination to respond favorably with call-to-action responses and other sales generating engagement. As time goes on, don’t forget Google will either reward or penalize your healthcare content ranking based on its mobile-friendly attributes.

….Based on research from Wolters Kluwer Health…

  • 72% of doctors access drug information from smartphones
  • 63% of doctors access medical research by tablet
  • 44% of physicians communicate with nurses and other associates from smartphones

Be Clinically And Technically Time Sensitive And Up-To-Date

Throughout history, healthcare has been an industry driven by change. Therapies, treatment guidelines, procedures, medical technology, reimbursement and regulations are continually evolving at a rapid pace. As you develop your healthcare content’s conversational dialogue, select relevant, factual details and be certain what you are communicating is accurate and up-to-date.

…As you charge late in the stretch to the finish line…

Spur Your Content To Stay On The Move

The better your content is, the more audience members are likely to want to share it which leads to additional sales opportunities. It is important to reinforce its portability. Make sure your healthcare content can easily be sent on its way between audience members with share buttons and other resources. By doing so, your audience will grow accordingly and so will your sales / ROI.

…On average, healthcare marketers spend 23% of total marketing budget on content marketing initiatives, compared to 31% percent for all marketers according to the Content Marketing Institute…

Once You Reach The Finish Line, It’s Time To Start Again…

There are numerous contenders in the healthcare content marketing digital space. To be successful, it is necessary to have a consistent and effective strategic stride to drive sales and move ahead of the competition. These five concepts will bring your marketing goals, sales objectives and ROI across the finish line.

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