A stop watch signifying that evey second counts in healthcare digital marketing and sales 90-day sales initiatives
A stop watch signifying that evey second counts in healthcare digital marketing and sales 90-day sales initiatives


How can you up your digital marketing KPI game plan to put your organization’s sales over the goal line in 90 days?

For many healthcare, medical device and pharmaceutical product manufacturers and service providers, the 4th quarter is underway and the end of the fiscal year is approaching. Every minute and every dollar count more than ever. The truth is this same situation occurs quarter after quarter throughout the year. In the healthcare industry, market shifts trigger changes that take marketing and sales initiatives from full speed to reset in a matter of days. The most responsive, successful companies embrace and overcome the issues and outdistance less decisive competitors.

… When the odds are stacked against an organization due to new goals, competition, customer and marketplace changes, 90-days can be the defining moment in the annual business plan …

When urgency strikes in this way, it is time for brand, product and digital marketing teams to drill down, get their bearings and make critical decisions. Individually and collectively, these primary marketing stakeholders need to ask business critical questions:

  • Are we still on track to achieve our goals?
  • What is necessary to exceed our goals?
  • If we have lost ground, what are the best options to regain position?
  • How well positioned are we for upcoming quarters through year-end or the New Year?
  • How wide are the gaps between us, customers and competitors; which one(s) can be closed quickly and which are the largest?

… Based on how positive or negative revenue, sales and margin performance is, they may seem to be overwhelming when placed within the limitations of a 90-day timeframe…

Digital Marketing Agility

Digital marketing resources can be a pivotal difference maker in these circumstances; outpacing competitors, marshaling customer connections and weaponizing digital sales assets in the hands of:

  • National account managers
  • Regional account executives
  • Field sales representatives
  • Clinical liaisons
  • Inside sales
  • Customer service
  • Other sales ambassador team members
  • Business partner business development and sales units

For Healthcare Digital Marketing Initiatives, There Are Primary Considerations To Assess And Opportunities To Act On

  • Can PPC be tweaked to spark a boost in performance?
  • Are email marketing measures satisfying KPI benchmarks; if not, is targeting, messaging, offering or other element(s) fixable?
  • What is / is not working with website assets including UX, content, SEO mobile and other attributes; which can demonstrate performance improvement in 90 days?
  • Is content sharing optimized, average or languishing; what opportunities are unrecognized or under-utilized in dark social environments?
  • What content development and content marketing strategy needs to be better aligned and executed?
  • Based on time, budget, technical limitations, what assets can be fully re-deployed as-is and / or repurposed for new initiatives?
  • What social media channels or other venues can be economically exercised for additional lead generation purposes?
  • Can time, financial, technical resources be shifted to narrower but higher producing options to outperform KPI expectations?
  • What underperforming options can be salvaged or shut down in order to reallocate resources to better performing options?
  • Can entirely new measures be deployed in time to make a difference and what are they?
  • What digital customer engaging and sales generation assets are in early concept stage; which one(s) can be moved up and launched?

Digital Marketing and Sales Collaboration

  • Where digital marketing / sales collaboration measures be strengthened?
  • Are Salesforce and other CRM resources and marketing automation processes performing at peak levels?
  • What are the 3 most potent digital assets or tools Sales relies on and how can one or all three be sharpened?
  • Are there opportunities to enrich the digital resources provided to business partners and their sales units?

Contributing Elements

Healthcare enterprises have numerous commercial components which cultivate customers and generate sales. They include contracting, pricing, targeting, product development, logistics, training and other considerations. Digital marketing strategy and tactics can be potent sales enablers when contributing elements are aligned with its capabilities. Asking the right questions and devising the right solutions are a formidable tandem when marketplace change challenges your annual business plan.

Moving Forward

Under positive or negative pressure, the most novel and successful strategic and tactical approaches can be developed. The key is identifing and focusing on the specific digital and contributing elements that will make a difference within 90 days. Based on these pivotal touchpoints, digital marketing leaders and other commercial stakeholders must commit to assertive and focused action to fortify Sales resources, tighten the customer connection and accelerate past competitors. Good luck, we’re all counting on you.

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