Telling Our Story

OneSpace Technologies Inc.

OneSpace Technologies Inc. was started out of frustration: Watching years go by after hearing space agency officials say “space is our future.” Apparently millions of years in the future to judge by their slow pace. As any capitalist can tell you, business can take care of business better than government. So the obvious thing to do was to start a space business to get ordinary regular people into space.

Finding the right people to work with has proven to be a challenge. Where do you look? How do you weed out those who think you are crazy for wanting to do something or wanting to do anything? How do you find people who are not daunted by the technical and financial obstacles to building and launching spacecraft more safely and less expensively than NASA, the European Space Agency and the Russian Space Agency? Aerospace industry you say. Not necessarily, since the aerospace & defense sector is more interested in building weapons to exterminate the human race and destroy this planet than in anything that might allow humans to peacefully settle other worlds. The A&D sector does more aircraft than spacecraft and when it does spacecraft, it is generally of the unmanned type — communication satellites for example. So the first job is to make it easier for real space entrepreneurs to meet other space entrepreneurs rather than bureaucrats, military brass, electronics technicians, roboticists, and drone manufacturers who are interested in everything EXCEPT helping put ordinary regular people into orbit.

The solution to helping space entrepreneurs meet other space entrepreneurs and helping ordinary regular people find out what they can do to help speed up human settlement of other worlds is simple: a social network dedicated to the humans in space movement. You want to chat with other space enthusiasts? You have an innovative idea for a space company and need to find partners, co-founders, suppliers, customers, or even employees? You want to be on the cutting edge and get away from the deadwood at NASA, the deadwood at the aerospace companies, and those who would turn space into an empty lab with no people, just lifeless machines? You want to get away from those who endlessly repeat the old mantra that “space is our future” and find those saying: “We are settling space right now, today, in the present.” ? You want to invest in the Apple of space or the little unknown startup that will make road kill of today’s aerospace companies? You want to find out what company will take you to orbit or to Mercury or Ceres? Are you tired of hearing about the moon and Mars and want to hear about Venus and the moons of Jupiter? Are you aware that jobs are disappearing on Earth as people are replaced by AI, robots and automation? Are you looking for a job out there in the cosmos so that perhaps your employer can pay for your passage to Mars or to another stellar system? Are you looking for work that will pay your bills out there like a home and a Jetsons-type car? Well the answers to those questions will be found but not in any social network that exists now.

OneSpace Technologies Inc. has set out to build that social network that will answer the above questions, help space enthusiasts find each other, and enable new space startups to start. or

The technical challenges have already presented themselves but we will solve them. The company behind the social network hopes to make small investments in those space startups so that we are literally putting our money where our talk is. We will be “walking the talk” as the expression goes.

Well, that is our story. You can wake up now and either spend your life being put out to pasture/replaced by machines/living in a nightmare age just like The Terminator movies or The Matrix. Or you can go after a brighter future with suburbs on other worlds, train for interesting jobs that machines cannot do, schools on other planets, family, friends, neighbors, and vacations that might be touring the rings of Saturn or watching the ice geysers of Enceladus. It is your choice. Choose wisely before the crooked politicians and cold machines take away your choice.

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