Osaka National Bunraku Theater — Osaka, Japan

ETEC 642: Week 3

Aloha All,

This weeks topic was on Privacy & digital literacy. We touched upon many of the different ways that people can protect their privacy. Somehow this class was a great wake up call for me to check my privacy setting across my devices and think about how I am protected.

I did a Google search as Dr. Bert recommended and I was surprised to find a lot of my information across the web. Different accounts, posts, and activities that I have been taking a part of have started to leak itself online. Making sure these posts are private or/and are safe to publish was very important to me. After this class I changed many of my passwords and have vowed to be more vigilant in my password protection.

I think that this class meeting has been very productive as it made me think about how I can better myself as an educator of music and technology. It also was a great reminder to be aware of my online presence and to make sure I am posting information in such a way that will not be stolen or used maliciously.

Much Mahalo for reading!


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