Role of AI For Disabled Person

This blog discusses the role of Artificial Intelligence that helps disabled person to perform daily based activity easily.


The term AI can be expanded as “Artificial Intelligence”. Using AI, we can also process human intelligence and can be programmed to capture human actions. That’s the reason this is also known as the artificial human brain. This helps in our daily life to manage new and simpler daily activities. We can easily automate tasks that require human intelligence using Ai such as text recognition, speech and voice recognition, the ability to make a decision, and other activities that can be done only with human intelligence.

Ai is proved to be the game-changer for the person having disabilities because it makes the task very simpler and interactive than providing support physically and feeling his independence. AI makes a major difference in their lives so that they can take part in almost every activity which normal person perform in his daily life

Application of AI For Disabled /Unfit Person

Communication with others is the main challenge depending on the type of one’s profile and disability. The importance of social media platform is that it helps in connecting with others in the whole world. Similarly, Artificial Intelligence and technology leave no one behind to serve the ones who are unfit and disabled. Nowadays we have many different applications for a particular disability. So let see these in detail.

  1. For a visually impaired and blind person
  • Cortana: This is a virtual assistant developed by Microsoft for Windows. This application helps the partially impaired or blind person to operate/ navigate the devices like computers, laptops by simply giving the command by his voice. In this manner, blind people can also operate computer-like devices in this era.
  • Siri: This is a virtual assistant and a part of the apple. It is included in all Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, and other Apple products. Just user must raise their request by simply doing the google search and dictating the text which he is looking for.
  • Google Assistant: This is also an app that is activated and controlled by the voice command. For example, if the user wants the set the alarm or calls someone so he can do so by giving simple a voice command.

2. For deaf or hard of hearing people:

  • Ava: This app is used as a transcription app that uses AI to transcribe the conversation. In this app, the algorithm will add punctuation, the person's name who is talking, and all the necessary vocabulary from the user’s dictionary.
  • Roger Voice: This is the French instant transcription app which is available in 90 languages. It works the same as Ava works. an

3. For people with physical disabilities:

  • IFTTT: This is an android app that connects all the applications. Basically, it will create a bond between the smartphones and the apps to automatically perform the tasks such as reading the text loudly, controlling the phone using voice commands, etc. As a result, users can easily use all the smartphone functionality without facing any problem.
  • Apart from that machine learning can also mimic a browser, in the same fashion as it mimics humans. This will automatically capture the content visible on the screen and make it accessible for people with disabilities.

Other Benefits of AI

  1. Human Connection and Communication

Nowadays we have a lot of devices like Google Home, Alexa, and many other devices which make the life of all the citizens very easy and became a part of life for making more meaning full. We all know that for the last couple of years Ai played a crucial role in our society. And introduce speech to text, voice bot, and many other innovations that increase the accessibility for every citizen despite having any disability.

Speech to text technology and vice versa really helps the people like having the hard of listening. This technology will help as it translates the other speech into text and the disabled person easily understand what the person is saying. In the same manner text to speech is also the person who can not speak. As a result, they will communicate with each other very easily

2. Increase Accessibility

This technology also changes people's life a lot and make physical interaction limited. There are many programs that are tried to build a solution that decreases the challenges faced mainly by the disabled person. Let’s say the self-driving car makes it very easy and comfortable for those who are disabled. These solutions make a difference in one’s life by supporting them and also giving them new skills to enable in daily life.


The overall conclusion is that a disabled person does not think down in front of the normal person because there are lots of applications currently er have in our society which make the life and many more to come in future. Hope You Like it.

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