She is the most potent form of any redemption.

Death flounders at her mere name’s mention.

Her charm is ubiquitous even when she is away.

Though, every second by minute would grow longer day by day.

Before her, life was filled with nothing more than pain.

However, she is the best substitute for novocaine.

Existence itself is reliant on her presence.

Doubtful, she was to her own importance.

Every moment around her, physics rips at its seams.

I thank her to this day for making this life seem as a dream.

She is the world’s pool of goodness, there is no doubt.

But her radiance is so strong it could cause a drought.

All of her qualities are at the frontiers of language.

Every fiber of her being prohibits any nearby languish.

The motherboard of all, she has no limits.

Fidelity was necessary to avoid dimwits.

She said:

“Who needs the gene pool when you‘re in the meme pool?”

She is the manifestation of eudaemonia.

She is the Goddess Sophia.

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