16-year-old Releases App to Fight Trump

Jackie George
Jan 17, 2018 · 5 min read

I’m writing to tell you my story.

The night of the election I watched the polls avidly, and although it was neck and neck I remained hopeful. I went to bed before the official results were out, but I slept soundly, sure I would wake up in a country that wouldn’t let me down. I was wrong, terribly wrong. In no way could I have prepared for the news that awaited me that fateful morning. I read the headlines and felt empty, hollowed out, and alone. I’m not the only one who felt this; tens of millions of other Americans felt the same sense of abandonment. Maybe you were one of them.

In response to my grief, my mother bought me a cactus. She told me that even though the next four years would be dry and turbulent like a desert, we would make it through. I looked at the cactus and tried to prepare for the drought before me, vowing my revenge at the voting booth in a few years.

It wasn’t enough.

As article after article came out — trump said this, trump trashed that — I got more and more fed up. Days became a struggle, and with each piece of news I grew more upset. That is, until one day a thought struck me. I could do something; I could join the resistance. Over the next few days I formulated a plan. I’m a coder, and I especially like creating video games. Gradually, a mobile app pieced itself together in my mind. I told my dad, and he added a few ideas, and that’s when Bad Hombre was born.

I started coding. My dad taught himself to code so he could help me. Our busy lives made it challenging, but we coded everywhere we could: in the car, on planes, on the floor of my room, in any spare moments, and even during Hurricane Irma. We recruited a talented artist from Europe who perfectly captured the look and feel I wanted. My vision started to become real.

Oh, we had to overcome loads of frustrating errors along the way; all you developers out there know what I mean. But we only faced one major problem: Apple’s rules wouldn’t allow the game to proceed as planned. I wanted to make the game free and use it as a platform to raise donations for anti-trump charities; I wanted to contribute to the fight for tolerance, racial equality, immigrant justice, women’s rights, environmental protection, and LGBTQA+ rights. You know, all of those areas that trump and his enablers are working to destroy. But Apple doesn’t make fundraising for outside charities easy. So instead, I decided to charge a small fee for the game and donate all my proceeds. It wasn’t a perfect solution, but it kept me going.

I launched Bad Hombre in December on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. It’s only a first version; I have several additional levels of the game planned. But I’m proud of it. Real proud. I just wish more people knew about it. Right now, only my friends and family members have downloaded it. But it’s hard to get the word out. I have sent emails to about a hundred app review websites, but most of those want a promotional payment, and with my limited budget that is not something I can afford. I have sent my story to journalist after journalist, but I’m sure they are inundated.

So, I decided to write my own article and tell my own story. I’m hoping that someone with a social media platform will read this and think it worthy of mentioning. If they do, and if this strategy works, thanks for reading my story. Do me another favor and download Bad Hombre. Give it a try. You will have donated about 70 cents to battle the hate agenda.

If you like the game, give me a shout-out on Twitter at @BadHombreApp, or check out our website for other info. If you think the game sucks, well, you can tell me that, too. I have a thick skin. But I’d appreciate constructive criticism. If you are a trump-loving troll, I’m sure you’ll fill your rant with misogynistic, anti-teenager, hate-filled garbage. That doesn’t help anything, but it’s understandable when the president is goading you on.

And that brings me to my final message. Pointing fingers and casting blame isn’t going to guide America back to our path of progress. I don’t care whom you voted for in the last election, if you believe in the promise of America you need to do your part to fight the hate agenda. Downloading my game is just one approach. It’s an entertaining and educational one, but it isn’t important. What is important is that we all come together to keep America on track, no matter how far back the president and his enablers try to set us. Forget my game and just make an outright donation to one of the charities. Forget the charities and just do something nice. Be kind to someone with a different color skin. Tell an immigrant that he is welcome in this county because your family started as immigrants, too. Treat a girl or a woman with dignity and respect. Try to understand a different perspective. And if you do, tell someone about it. Maybe they’ll be compelled to do something positive, too.

Only by working together can we stop the real bad hombre. Never stop resisting.


Jackie George

Written by

17, coder, dedicated to fighting hate

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