A2F 11/20/2016:

Today was the Thanksgiving Celebration, a time for laughter, crying, and communion. The one thing that struck me the most today was the tangible love of God that filled the room — not just the congregation’s love for God, but the Divine’s love that actually filled each member and permeated the cosy Tennis Clubhouse room. I felt like I was loved by everyone in the room, even if I didn’t even know there names. There was no judgement as people opened up their hearts to the church family, no aloofness as people were “undignified” for God. That crazy, truly godly love made the gathering so dynamic; it pulsed with something fresh, something holy, something so powerful and yet so intimate. I loved every moment of it too.

I really don’t want to leave this fellowship and have to move on to something lesser, like the other churches I’ve experienced. People really, truly care here — it’s no longer about appearances, but all about God and motivating each other to keep fighting the good fight. I feel as if I’m in the right place right now.

God, I can feel you breaking down my hardened heart through the power of Your Love, through the members of this godly fellowship. I pray that you continue to break me down, so that I can be humbled and stripped of pride and pretense, seeking solely You.

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