(Transcription Translation) “Biosfera: Qual o Papel do Design na Sustentabilidade Ambiental?”

TRANSLATED FROM VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: https://www.rtp.pt/play/p4238/e369555/biosfera

What is the role of design in environmental sustainability?

[NARRATOR 00:24] The Anthropocentric Era evokes the opportunity to design, create and plan projects in a more creative and sustainable way. A new geological era defined by the effect of human activity on climate and the planet. What challenges do future designers and project managers face?

Why align design with the environment?

[PROFESSOR 00:52] Design is a project. It is a project that anticipates human need. “Project” come from a latin word comprised of two…

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Climate. North Americans freeze and Australians melt

Australia is experiencing temperatures higher than 48.9°C, 14 degrees higher than what is normal for the season. In the American Midwest, thermostats are registering temperatures lower than those in Antarctica, and the extreme cold has already caused more than 20 deaths. Both phenomena are associated with climate change.

On January 24th, the Australian city of Adelaide recorded its hottest day with thermometers reading 46.6°C. According to Australian meteorological services, the month of January has recorded “unprecedented” temperatures.

Michael Grose, scientist at the Center of Climate Science, warned on CNN that these high temperatures…

Climate change. Himalayas lose a third of ice by 2100

The days are hotter and not because of the arriving spring. The reason is known — climate change is apparent throughout the planet, and the consequences have shown themselves through extreme phenomena such as cyclones and long droughts which are more and more frequent. The large masses of ice on the planet also reflect these changes.

The scientific community focuses its attention on the melting ice of the poles with record amounts of disintegrating ice shelves. No less important are the melting ice caps of the huge Himalayan mountain range.

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Hummingbirds can see more colors than us, study reveals

They perceive colors on the ultraviolet spectrum thanks to an additional type of cell in their eyes.

Maybe you’ve already tried to imagine a new color that you’ve never seen. It’s not easy — not because such a color doesn’t exist, but because your body doesn’t have the capacity to perceive it. This is a difference between us and hummingbirds. One study by Princeton reveals that these birds can see colors that we cannot even imagine.

Humans can see colors because of three types of cells present in the base of…

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Syringes, straws and lots of plastic: ocean trash threatens natural pool in Fernando de Noronha

Plastic carried by currents becomes trapped in rocks next to fish and coral nursery.

Fernando de Noronha is one of the largest preservation areas for marine life in Brazil.

Being both a national marine park and an environmental protection area, the archipelago boasts vigorous life in its waters

Besides dealing with its own trash problem, the island also suffers the consequences of the rise in pollution of the oceans especially with plastic.

G1 traveled there for the “Nature Challenge” which will present environmental issues that…

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Turtle dies after shell is destroyed by jet ski in São Paulo

Turtle found during a stand-up-paddle-board ride at Ponta da Praia in Santos. In less than a week, three animals of the kind were found lifeless.

One sea turtle was found floating in the ocean after being run over by a jet ski in Santos on the coast of São Paulo. The account, made by a beach-goer, drew attention through social media and became viral. According to the Gremar Institute, a nonprofit that rescues and rehabilitates marine animals, at least 70% of turtle deaths are caused by human action.

Jessica Healy

Portuguese to English translations. Both 🇵🇹 & 🇧🇷

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