No Twitter, you shouldn’t change your character limit from 140 to 280

I’m passionate about this subject: Twitter.

I love Twitter, and that’s why I get so worked up when I see them try to change something fundamental to what makes the network special.

I’ve written extensively about different ideas that Twitter can implement to make money or increase engagement. And I’ve been writing about it for a while.

I’m a Twitter original. I’ve been here since the time when you could just show up and have conversations. Long before the content and bot blitz that it is today.

Changing to 280 characters is downright offensive to me.

The beauty of Twitter to me has always been about brevity. Without the 140 character limit…what is Twitter? 280 is just a stepping stone to removing the limit altogether. It’s a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. By contrast, here’s a few actual problems to take on or other ways to make minor changes:

  • Give us an edit button
  • Get rid of the legions of bots and spam accounts
  • Give us quicker access to lists
  • Remove links (1), mentions (up to 3), and hashtags (up to 3) from the character limit
  • Provide better tools to root out and eradicate trolls and bullies

That’s just a few. But the one thing no one is looking for, are longer tweets.

For those situations where you need to say more than one tweet…post more than one tweet.

Maybe turn longer thoughts into multiple tweets automatically. If I post a Tweet that is 280 characters, make it into an expandable thread of two tweets.

Jeff, what’s the big deal?

Look, if you don’t get why it’s a big deal, then you don’t understand Twitter…plain and simple.

The only thing that truly makes Twitter Twitter is the character limit. Without that, you may as well sell the assets to Facebook and stop pretending you care about what makes your network special.

So, if you’re not outraged by this, sorry but I need to pull my original Twitterer card and politely tell you to piss off and get off my network.