I don’t know if you’re familiar with Mark Cuban, an entrepreneur who knows Trump well.
Yvonne C. Claes

The thing is that I don’t trust Wikileaks. The information they release may be damning, but that doesn’t mean I trust the motives of people who release specific information at very convenient moments. It smacks of an agenda to me.

I was thinking a lot about this last night. I finally decided that between the two of them, Trump really does frighten me so much more than Clinton. I don’t expect anything good from either of them, but at least with her, I know what we *can* expect. I know lots of people are saying if you look back at Trump’s entire history he’s actually really “measured” and he’s just saying a lot of crap right now for the media attention, but I don’t buy it. I don’t trust him OR Clinton, but at least with Clinton, we *know.* To me, that’s not a case of lesser evil so much as, um…let’s call it “lawful evil,” versus “chaotic evil.”

I realized, thinking about all that, that I absolutely, positively, *hate* Clinton for putting me in a situation where I think that she, happy supporter of the bombing of Syrian children, is a safer, saner choice for the world than Trump. And that’s when it occurred to me…I don’t think she and Trump are in cahoots, I honestly don’t. It’s too conspiratorial to me, and I think someone would have blown the lid on that wide open, media spin or no. But you can bet that Clinton thanks her lucky stars every night that for Trump, because she doesn’t *have* to rig any elections — people will vote for her out of sheer blind terror of the idea of President Trump.

Now that I’m looking at things from that angle, I feel like I’m grasping at straws. I’m old enough to remember the enthusiasm for candidates like Howard Dean, and I could be really depressed to remember how quickly those campaigns fizzle after an early surge. But at the same time, we are definitely seeing more widspread unrest and just plain ol’ PISSED OFF energy than I’ve seen ever before. It’s not that the Democrats are just like Republicans. It’s not that Clinton is a Republican. They’re not and she’s not. It’s that everyone sells their soul at the altar of neoliberal capitalism.

God, I hope I’m right to…hope. If this is right — and if Bernie realizes this and that’s why he’s going with the flow now — then the GOP will have finally destroyed itself so well and so thoroughly that when Clinton continues the same broken, world-killing neoliberalism, she won’t be able to hide behind the Republicans and blame them.

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