The Worthy Work
Greg McVerry

An Open Plea Fog Creek Software

Or an Open Call Back..You Pick

Congrats on the sale of Trello, but more importantly thanks of being stewards of the web. Fog Creek Software has shaped the way so many us of live. Stack Overflow is an asset of knowledge. I know I have relied on articles for help.

Gomix is a perfect tool for people to build their first apps. I already see great friends like Stefan Bohacek sharing learning resources. It can become a tool the world over with the right community development (learning the lessons of Stack Overflow here of course).

What Next????

Well here I come with ask. A year ago Anil Dash asked what he should be focusing on next. If Fog Creek Software finds itself in a place with the resources, and more importantly the time, I would love for you to turn your attention to remixable media.

Video is the Missing Pathway

Gomix is great for the budding app builder. I love what we have built over at Mozilla with Thimble.

What the world is missing is a great multimedia remix engine. We had one with Mozilla Learning Popcorn but that was sunsetted. We used to make awesome projects using Zeega but BuzzFeed bought out the team and shut down the project.

These were great tools. We could layer html5 video, gifs, texts, and sounds. They highlighted best practices of attribution and relied heavily on artists who openly licensed work.

More importantly they opened up one of the most popular onboarding pathways of the web. Video.

When I survey kids about the web what they want to learn more is jumpcuts not javascript. Reaction videos not React.

I know, I know. This space is served by massive platforms but can’t we imagine a world where we teach youth a different way forward? Where their art isn’t always commodified?

Its not fighting the platforms but utilizing them. I know you have been burnt by building off of other platforms in the past. Yet the way Popcorn and Zeega worked was great. We were just embedding links.

It was fun, easy, and beautiful.

Please help.

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