Closed with a side of open
W. Ian O'Byrne

Are you using privacy as a commodity or community?

As teachers we need to provide students with control over the privacy.

That is what you and Doug et al are doing. You are empowered by a private channel.

Though As an outsider, I find this sudden explosion of posts about “super secret slack channel” intriguing. Is it a deliberate effort at creating an economy of scarcity? Is it just an ironic parody?

Just seems odd to hear @slackerati folks like @dajbelshaw complaining how Twitter isn’t cool anymore because all the new users ruined it.

“So we have established a new channel that is private but we will broadcast its existence on a daily basis.”

Makes sense. This is how fraternities and soroties work on campus. You create a false sense of scarcity and then “grant” membership to those deemed worthy. Growth is achieved by being publicly closed.

I hope folks don’t leave Twitter. We need the alum. It is the student union not fraternity row. Especially if you read @george cuoros post on #innovationmindset you learn about a teacher who transformed his class from LURKING on Twitter. This was made possible because of public discourse.

Now I don’t have the same issues as @dajbelshaw on Twitter. I am small was late to the game. I am not part of the Twitter 10k club (over ten thousand followers) so my conversations are private. Lonely even.

Yet you can not turn on a podcast without hearing that Twitter is dead. Its Wall Street’s fault for expecting it to be Facebook or Twitter’s fault for not troll hunting.

Harassment on Twitter is real and dangerous. But I think the company has introduced tools to help.

But as Doug noted its a people problem and one that I do not think hits #edutwitter as much. Teachers dominate my Tweetdeck columns.

Those columns need leaders. People like Doug and you.