Capacity Not Compliance

Announcing ReVIEW Talent Feedback System.

As Patrick Flynn of ReVision Learning and I traveled the country we kept running into a major roadblock. We set out to help districts improve their teacher observation plans.

Educators knew teachers thrive when they receive high quality feedback. Yet when ever we would encourage districts to base their talent management on growth and capacity we would hear, “Our tool doesn’t do that.”

Instead of actionable feedback teachers would receive a “report” of ratings with fragmented sentences of tagged evidence.

More troubling when we asked how evaluators were trained we got nothing back but blank stares.

Even with the focus on teacher evaluation in the last decade our systems have devolved into compliance not capacity.

So we built a better way forward.

ReVIEW Talent Feedback System

Over the past year Patrick and I have taken all we have learned about teacher evaluation and created a system that rethinks our efforts toward instructional capacity.

We need to recognize teachers not just as an instructors but also a learners, and like our students they will grow best through high quality feedback.

Growing Talent

Our feedback system, unlike other tools, focuses on talent growth rather than an inspection model.

You can not use ReVIEW to tag evidence. Instead our User Interface requires teachers to reflect on their teaching and evaluators to concentrate on practice.

Focus on Feedback

ReVIEW Talent Feedback System recognizes decades of research that feedback is central to learning. Building instructional capacity is no different.

Using our Claim, Connect, Action system teachers receive feedback that makes claims based upon the district’s chosen framework, connects these claims to evidence from observed classroom practice, and then provides actionable feedback to help teachers grow.

Building District Capacity

ReVIEW Talent Feedback System is hyper focused at the local level. We want to improve your district rather than simply meet required mandates.

To this end we have made evaluator capacity a central differentiator of our tool. We built the ReVision Learning Supervisory Continuum into ReVIEW. This research based rubric helps to ensure evaluators have the skills to actually observe teachers.


ReVIEW Talent Feedback System builds bridges between teachers and evaluators. We coach for growth, not check for compliance.

We spent the last decade trying to reform schools only at the policy level. This has lead to many broken practices. We see teachers as partners.

Customize Locally

ReVIEW Talent Feedback System empowers states and districts by creating a fully customizable and responsive interface.

We have pre-loaded ReVIEW Talent Feedback System with forms designed to focus on improving practice. Yet we heard time and again that current tools in the market place are too rigid or too hard to change. Our interface allows districts to customize their frameworks and forms.

High Quality Observations

When you work with ReVIEW coaches and facilitators your district evaluators receive the tools they need to improve schools through faculty observation.

Our reporting features help guide states and districts in making local decisions around professional development.

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