Find me some sources: Is the mobile web dead?

I keep reading hints that there is a debate brewing among technologists that the mobile web is dead and should die. Read recently that some believe the “app” is just a placeholder for what is next.

In many the voices that seemed to want to focus on the mobile web seem to be dimmer.Many believe this leads to a loss of privacy and a rise in privatization.

Much of this debate is arising as facebook introduced instant articles, apple allows ad blocking, and every app I own is designed to keep me off my mobile browser.

I want to try a new kind of piece and write an annotated bibliography in the open. Problem is I don’t have the sources. Figured it would be a good model for my #edu106 class. We are exploring web literacy, identity, and digital texts and tools.

I am looking for current blog posts or articles exploring the idea of the mobile web dying. Especially from those who say it is either inevitable or a good idea.

My thinking is you add them below. I can then summarize, and then revise this article as my thinking evolves.

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