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How I Finally Solved a 40 Year Productivity Problem

I think a lot. Too much, and often search for silence in the cacophony of thought.

It never comes.

This has lead to 40 years of struggles with productivity. Too many projects, too many ideas, and not enough time.

Over the past five months I finally found my solution.

My productivity Hack

Pomodoro Technique

The first major breakthrough occurred when iamjessklein introduced me to the Pomodoro Technique. Here you work in twenty five minute increments and then take a five minute break. On the fourth cycle you taker a ten minute break.

My workflow completely shifted. Its not so much the set up of Pomodoro but my use of https://tomato-timer.com/. Seeing that 25 minute countdown is the perfect smack in the ass when you think you should ever head over to Twitter or check the news.

The twenty five minutes is just long enough to push my attention span. It is great.

Google Keep as a Scrum Board

The next advancement occurred when Google Keep introduced pinned posts. I have always been a paper based to-do list person. I would grab whatever scrap I could first thing in the morning and jot down my list.

It worked. Not well.

Now I am in my second week of using Google Keep as my personal scrumboard. I just leave it open in my browser and installed a widget on my phone.

These two tools together, the Pomodoro technique and Google Keep have revolutionized my productivity. I can set short and long term goals and meet them. I can adapt to the unexpected quickly without losing sights of deadlines.

Now, who knows Pinky, if I quit drinking in morning we may just be able to take over the world.

(had to leave a little snark. Writing productivity articles just leaves you feeling dirty.)