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Greg McVerry

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How to Fix the Primary System

Wrestle Away One Party Control

While I disagree with the tactics, the anger of Bernie Sanders supporters needs to channel somewhere. In a perfect world we will begin by trying to fix the primary system within the federalist government of these United States of America.

Bernie Sanders and his legions of supporters main argument: no difference exists between the Democratic and Republican candidates. I do disagree. Critical policy positions affecting the lives of millions reman the cornerstone of both parties. However they are paid and funded by the same people. This has not left enough light in between the two parties for the socialist from Vermont and his young followers.

Getting money out of politics will be nearly impossible. Political speech is protected speech and corporations are people….at least legally. The government does not get to tell you can’t spend money supporting candidates of your choice.

Activists, politicians, and anyone who cares about the crumbling middle class needs to instead turn their efforts to reforming our primary system.

Here is my idea.

  1. Have each state pass a law codifying primary processes. Political parties can have their own still, that’s their right, but lets create state sanctioned primaries, not party sanctioned.
  2. Make it so any citizen can vote in a primary regardless of party affiliation. I will never forget the look at my sons face when he said, “But Daddy why won’t they let you vote” when I was turned away from casting a ballot.
  3. Every state puts forth two candidates. These are chosen by the highest vote totals regardless of political affiliation. So Mississippi will probably put forth two Republican candidates, possibly a libertarian. New Hampshire may end up with a Republican and a Democratic Candidate. California a Green and a Democratic. Its the only way we may expand the number of parties in this country.
  4. The three candidates who win the greatest share of state ballots could then be put forth to the national ballot.
  5. Then have each state pass a law awarding their electoral college (okay moving past primaries here) votes to the candidate who wins the popular vote. Make it so this law does not take effect until enough states pass similar bills to reach the party threshold.