A Rorschach Test for Bias in Education Scholarship
Frederick M. Hess

I would argue that it is openly biased towards a more inclusive vision and conference organizers are okay with this.

Educators are demanding action. They watched a man ascend to the presidency after making clearly racist claims about the 44th President’s birth certificate for years. They have seen entire peoples attacked by the highest levels of our government because of their cultural identity.

We have to educate children who are visibly afraid that Mom and Dad will not be home when they get out of school because they were swept up in the latest ICE Raids.

The fear is real. The call to action justified.

Social studies teachers have also felt the brunt of federal overreach more than any other content area. Our embrace of Reading First, RtI, has decimated the time for civics education.

Any time we allow federal intervention in our schools (beyond civil rights enforcement) they screw it up.

It is as if we forgot that background knowledge=comprehension and if we just focused on failing third graders we could fix all the woes our schools.

Is the call inclusive to teachers with a conservative ideological approach to social studies education. No. that much is clear and myabe something should change, but should civic education be about social justice? Encouraging students to take a stand against hate and get involved in their communities?

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