Mark My Words: Medium Will Win — Here’s Why
Lauren Holliday

Medium Will Win

My Numbers

Just Shared on a Slack Channel of fellow thinkers and Medium authors.

My Monthly Blog Traffic

My Monthly Medium Traffic

Granted I have been writing more on Medium than on my own blog. I try to remember to syndicate backwards (I originally meant to syndicate from my blog but again nobody is there).

So for a Post from the Near Future

Medium Goes Public.

In first act buys Twitter, takes it private

On September XX, 20XX Medium held its IPO and shares rose 43% by closing.

The next day they purchased the foundering, but strong Twitter.

“We always wanted to be a fully integrated platform,” notes Medium CEO and Twitter co-founder Ev Williams, “in our chat driven world we needed Twitter, and Twitter needed us. They can now focus on being a profitable company and not hitting Wall Street’s insane growth requirements.”

Analysts suggest the move will allow Medium to create a stream for their publisher first strategy while serving the loyal indie writers who call Medium home.

In fact katie zhu who will be leading up the integration notes that many of their most replied to articles were less than thirty words. “We tried so hard not to call the short responses comments — to not be a blogging platform, but our audience yearned for this kind of action. Integrating Twitter streams for each articles allows us to serve our audience and still not call ourselves a blogging tool.”

Kevin Thau, of Spark Capital, who lead Medium’s last round of funding noted, “This has always been our plan. Many of our team helped to build Twitter.”

Thau noted that we Twitter will still exist as a stand alone property but we there will be plans to integrate the platform into Medium to empower the growing number of publications using Medium as their agile CMS.

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