3 things I learned during my time at Mozilla
Doug Belshaw

Much of how Mozilla, and the Mozilla Foundation specifically, functions is because of you. I think you undersell your role in developing the radically open workflow. You created a sense that what we did was BY the community and not just FOR the community.

I felt like last year was a watershed year of alumni graduating. So many friends and faces moving on to new and awesome endeavors after being part of the world’s biggest open incubator.

The past year was an important year for the community as well. It is a strange feeling as a volunteer contributor holding more institutional knowledge in some instances than the staff who are leading projects.

Though this perspective gave me insight into how important it was for MoFo that alumni take a step back for a year.

New teams, project leads, and project managers had to develop their own identities and legitimacy. The people who came after you and your graduating class are truly awesome. Cool stuff happens every day, but it happens in their own openly radical way.

I would have hated to start a new role and have the person who vacated that said role involved right away as a volunteer contributor.

Now that a year is past we look forward to having you on a project or community call.

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