Open? Private? A reflection on streaming #WalkMyWorld2016.
Stephanie Loomis

Stephanie Loomis and W. Ian O'Byrne sounds like there is a consensus growing around not adding an additional stream this year.

I have a longer post around the issues of tool, text, and task complexity brewing under W. Ian O'Byrne’s last post.

I love Twitter, for most educators it is a place of constant growth.

Yet as we continue our efforts in open teaching and research part of me feels guilty when saying you have to cede much of your privacy to a third party corporation in order to participate.

Maybe Stephanie Loomis is right we have to go where teachers are and privacy should be controlled at the local level.

I just want to make sure we do not conflate open and privacy. They are different. Maybe we have a moral obligation to empower people to own their data and control their privacy.

A stream, while encouraging local nodes to blog or make (at individual or class level) would have allowed this.

We also started on a proprietary platform (kind of using one now) before moving on to owning our world. I just wonder if we as educators should flip this paradigm.

Let’s start where our learners have control of their data and they choose what and where to share.

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