on the verge of success yet on the brink of failure?
What is it to be 19; on the verge of success yet on the brink of failure?
Amy Gray

We call it adulthood. No one said it would be easy.

Yet even at the age of 19 you have more life lessons to give than any business study degree will ever decree.

More than most “so-called” adults.

You have navigated the the churn of the K12 educational system while enduring through Epilepsy. I am sure many days of your life have felt like the verge of success and the brink of failure.

You have long walked this line.


  • Don’t study business if you don’t want to do business. Degrees matter so little. Unless you know you are entering a technical field waste your tuition dollars on a liberal education. You will last each job for about five years and will traverse many fields. Some of the best business folks I know have degrees in anthropology and art history.
  • Be motivated by what matters and money will follow. Earning counts but its hard to stay hungry if you don’t like whats on the plate. If you care about what you do you will be good at what you do and good things will follow.
  • Get involved on campus. No one really cares about your transcripts. Literally 100% of interviewers will never ask to see them (grad school aside). If you want to prove to employers you are a good fit demonstrate project management. Run a campaign, organize fundraisers. Make connections, but most importantly have fun.
  • Apologizing is a trap. You are a good writer. Do not apologize for or doubt your talent. Just continue to learn and live out loud. Don’t click on stats on analytics. Just write.
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