Mike: People are selling these tickets for $1,000 each and I could not bring myself to do it. I could not LIVE with myself.
The Guilt That Comes With Selling ‘Hamilton’ Tickets on the Secondary Market
The Billfold

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Fans Like You Since 2009

Do not fret. You are not alone. In fact there is a community of 25,000 people who feel just like you.

Its not that we are anti-capitalism. In fact many in the community follow bands and spring up micro-economies that would make any libertarian proud. Maybe even get Milton Friedman up dancing and shaking his bones.

It is not anti-capitalism. Its just anti-being a dick.

Selling tickets way over face value… That’s just simply a dick move.

It rips off fans. It rips off artists.

We need responsible artists like Pearl Jam and Lous C.K. We need communities like cashortrade. Mainly we need fans like you.

Don’t fret for being a good human.

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