This is the first post in the diary of a sex and love addict and bipolar sufferer

I was inspired to write it by a girl I met at a yoga retreat who also writes here. She is having some difficulties, and I realised that some of the things that she’s going through are things that I can help with.

After talking to her I realised that I’ve been through a lot, and that maybe that there are others that I can help if I start to write down my experiences and share them. Here’s a partial list of the stuff that I’ve been through and that I’ll be sharing about in future posts:

Emotional neglect as a child and being send to boarding school from the age of 8

Loss of family business when I was young and my family’s financial and social fall from grace. My fathers decision to sell up and move to Spain, leaving me in the UK at school

Addiction from a young age, mainly to sex, love and relationships, also to sugar, other food stuffs and stimulants, and work.

Paternal suicide.

Dealing with the difficult feelings around my mother who had left my father for another man shortly before he died.

Bipolar disorder. Two major episodes with three month long highs and approximately twelve month long lows.

Divorce, and my ex wife starting a relationship with one of my closest friends and closest confidant during the divorce, who then shared details of my infidelity with my ex wife

Family court, and an FDR hearing to sort out the details of the divorce

Bipolar recovery, and how I learned to look after myself during a difficult divorce and manage my bipolar effectively

Parental alienation, and a period of 18 months during which I had no contact with my eldest child.

My work as a trustee of a suicide prevention charity

My work as a financier and entrepreneur, setting up my own business and working to make my professional life more satisfying and worthwhile

Addiction recovery. Working the 12 steps first in CODA, now in SLAA. Starting to date in recovery from sex and love addiction.