Spotify Ideas

Inspired by Chris Sacca’s What Twitter Can Be.

Spotify, I love you. But you can be so much more. Here are some ideas:

1. Be more social

· Add a like or heart button. I want my friends to know when I like the song/artist/playlist they’re listening to!

· Make “Messages” more like a chat. Currently, it feels like email and the notifications don’t work properly. When I see that my friend is listening to Linger I want to message her “remember when we listened to that all the time freshman year!?”

· More artist interaction with their Spotify audience. I want to see my favorite artists’ playlists and what they’re listening to. Maybe they can announce upcoming concerts on their Artist Page and you can team up with ticket vendors so listeners can make in-app purchases.

2. Be the destination for all things music

· Better artist search results: When I click an artist, I want to see a complete list of songs by that artist, as well as songs they’re featured on, sorted by popularity. Let’s say I’m listening to Spotify US Top 50 Charts and Marvin Gaye, by Charlie Puth and Meghan Trainor, comes on. I think to myself, Charlie Puth sounds familiar, I wonder what else he sings. I click to his artist page and the only song I recognize in the 10 “popular” songs displayed is Marvin Gaye. What I’m really looking for is See You Again, which doesn’t come up until I scroll pretty far down the album listing. I’d bet that a lot of other people are looking for See You Again too, considering it has ~405M listens.

· Create “song pages” in addition to the artist and album pages. On the song page, I’d love to see if it’s on one of my friend’s playlists or if it’s featured on a Spotify playlist. It’d also be really cool to display songs that are sampled in the song, or songs that sample the song.

· Add album release dates and associate songs with genres. Seems silly that I have to Google this information.

3. Create “Party Mode” for playlists

· Guaranteed plays: I want to put my playlist on shuffle, but mark off certain songs to guarantee that they’ll be played at least once/twice/three times over the course of the party. For example, I want Sorry to be played at least 3 times at my Halloween party without manually putting it on.