Data visualization is a powerful medium to visually communicate large amounts of information. It is also one of the core features of Datadog (a monitoring service for cloud-scale applications) when it comes to observability. Choosing the right visualization for your data is an important part of providing human-readable representations of the health and performance of your systems.

Which of the graphs above is the right visualization of a system load?

📈 Datadog + Data Visualization

The past year has been quite an exciting ride for me, from moving to New York, starting a master’s program at the School of Visual Arts, working on projects to build my portfolio, applying for internships, and finally getting a few offers. I was excited about interning in New York because I would get to work in a completely different work culture than my previous experiences in India. I would take up a new role solely as a designer instead of my previous experiences in design + front-end development. …

Free website themes for Bulma — a modern CSS framework

Today, it is my pleasure to share with you’ll Bulmaswatch — free themes for Bulma.

What is Bulma?

Bulma is an open source CSS framework based on Flexbox and built with Sass. It’s 100% responsive, fully modular, and available for free. It is an upcoming and modern CSS framework and has 13k+ stars on Github.

How Bulma works is you simply drop the bulma.css in your HTML and you can make a good enough website in a few minutes.

Why Bulmaswatch?

Theming is a big plus for any modern CSS framework like Bulma and Bootstrap. The Bootstrap theme and template marketplace is huge!

One such…

Hello. Back in 2003 I wrote a bowling game in QBasic. I have been writing code since I was 12 years old. So yes, I am a coder and I ❤ code. Today, I am also a UX designer, or at least will be one after I complete my MFA in Interaction Design course at SVA. There are already a lot of designers out there who say we know how to code or at least want to learn how to code. There are also coders who know how to design or at least want to learn how to design, like…

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designer • geek • explorer

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