Inspiring Travelers: CJ on the road again

One of the reasons I travel is to meet people from all over the world. It is a beautiful thing to meet strangers who you can instantly connect with and share stories, ideas, and moments with.

This is exactly what happened when I met CJ. There we were standing next to each other at the airport in Havana, Cuba, and as we began to talk, I immediately knew I made a friend. She’s independent, creative, and thoughtful, and all around awesome.

By introducing you to CJ and women like her, whether it’s solo travelers or small business owners, my intention is to shine a light on the essence of what it means to live fearlessly. The women I am featuring in this series are personally inspiring to me, and I hope they ignite something within yourself that aligns you with your truth and gives you the push to start living a life that is inspiring to you.

“I travel alone by choice. There’s always something to learn. That’s the whole purpose of this trip, and I’m very proud of that. ”

Charlotte-Josephine, otherwise called CJ, is 31-years-old and a native of Mantes-la-Jolie, France. She’s currently backpacking through South America and has been on this particular trip for 7 months. For CJ, this trip is all about meeting inspiring people, sharing ideas, and understanding herself and the world around her. She went on the journey without really knowing exactly what she was looking for, and after a few months, it all become very clear.

The purpose of her travels is to learn about herself and be okay with everything she learns. “You’re in this world alone and you’ll leave this world alone as well. And this is okay as long as we learn what it means to be alone,” she explains.

“I want to be able to feel okay with myself and feel good by myself, and if I get there, then I’m able to feel good among others, and I can make other people happy.”

As I met her, she had just come from Mexico where she started her journey. Six months prior, she spoke with the owner of a hostel and made plans to live and work there as a volunteer, yet as she arrived, the hostel was full of volunteers and there was obviously no need for her to work there. She waited around a week or so, feeling a bit uncomfortable and confused on what to do next. She was full of doubts and fears about the way her trip was beginning, even though she knew she had plans to go to Cuba soon after. That evening, she went on a walk with a fellow traveler from Spain, and he told her, “you know, all of these doubts and fears you have are not real. They’re in your head. If you can understand that and keep going, they will disappear. It’s not easy, but you can make it through this.”

From this story, CJ explained to me, “I learned that you have to be okay with these negative feelings, deal with them, and let them pass. At times I’ve felt so lonely and homesick during my trip that I all I could do was cry. And I told myself that it’s okay, you have to cry sometimes. You don’t always have to be happy. I accepted that things wouldn’t always be perfect, that I’d feel homesick, that I would feel like crying sometimes. You have to face these things, keep going, and you will learn a lot about yourself along the way.”

As I met her in Cuba, she was the one who had to be there for me. I came to Cuba without knowing that none of my American credit or debit cards would work and I didn’t have any cash at all. I went through a lot of panic and frustration in those moments. This is when CJ suggested we meditate together because I told her I practiced meditation. Even though we just met, she knew it was exactly what I needed. Her positivity and support during one of my worst experiences while traveling helped me gain my composure and figure out a solution when everything seemed to be going wrong. And for that, I’m grateful.

“I travel the world to meet people, to understand human beings better, to understand myself better.”

Far too often, we are made to believe there is only one path to “success”. There is, however, a growing realization that indeed, you can design your own path in this life. It’s not about pleasing others or looking outside of yourself for the right answers. In fact, there are no right answers. There is only listening and tuning in to what feels right to you. As CJ told me, she started her journey with almost nothing planned. When the time comes to make a decision, she turns to her intuitions and trusts that to guide her along the way.

Before she landed in South America, she traveled through Mexico and Cuba (where we met!). Once she landed in South America, she went through Argentina and Chile, and then decided to go back to Argentina.

“I felt that there was something there for me, and I was right!” She arrived and has stayed now for 2 months in a region called Jujuy in a village called Tilcara. She is living and working at a hostel in this village.

Early Beginnings

CJ isn’t exactly new to the nomadic life. She has been traveling since she was a baby. Her father is from Syria. Her mother met her father in Germany. Since she was young, her mom sent her to stay with families in Germany where they didn’t speak a single word of French. From then, she had to learn to be adaptable and understood the importance of learning other languages.

As a teenager, she traveled all over Europe and then she started working with kids at holiday camps and that brought her to the United States and other countries. For university, she studied in Sweden for 6 months, and she’s been on the road ever since she graduated.

She’s been traveling full time for over 10 years now! She did stay in France for 2 years, but before that, she would never stay more than 6 months in the same place. She goes backpacking around the world, stops a while at a place she feels called to and works for a while until she’s ready to hit the road again. Another way she affords to travel is through volunteering…she works at a place and they provide food and accommodation.

“I just travel. It’s my way of being and my way of living.”

Where Next?

Though she is falling in love with each place that she goes, she is very excited about going to the possibility of going to the Middle East after South America. She wants to learn Arabic because she wants to connect with the people in each country she visits. “If you don’t speak the language, then you can’t connect with the locals, so I have to learn Arabic!”

Upon Returning Home

One has to be comfortable with the fact of having to go back one day. CJ is planning on going back to her “happy place”, Marseille, in the south of France and possibly open a hostel. Through this, she can continue to share her love of travel with others. “When I close my eyes and I think about France. I can see it…walking through the streets of Paris, drinking wine and eating cheese with my friends and family, taking a train to the south of France. And..just wow. That would be a great conclusion!” People tend to have a hard time with the idea of returning home, but it doesn’t have to be like this. Instead of feeling resistance or dread about the end of a trip, make this a part of the journey. What have you learned about yourself…your likes and dislikes? When have you most felt that you are living in alignment with your Truth? How can you incorporate your passions into your daily life? This is what it’s all about, my friends!

If you’re interested in getting in touch with CJ or following her travels, follow her Instagram account, CJontheroadagain.

I’m Jamie, a lover of travel and self exploration. Join me as I share travel stories about the shenanigans I get into while adventuring around the world.

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