The UN High Commissioner for Refugees reported that 65.6 million people around the world had to leave their homes because of war, hunger, violence in 2017 alone. The UN says that every minute, 20 people leave everything behind to escape war, persecution or terror. This is a worldwide crisis that we must face together as humanity. I am sharing my experiences to facilitate further understanding and sympathy to others in similar situations.

It’s late afternoon in Obrenovac, Serbia, and the sun is going down at its usual time of 4:30 p.m. Though it is dark and gloomy outside, the Azadi…

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I was thirteen when Hurricane Katrina changed my life. I lived on the Mississippi Gulf Coast in a small town called Pass Christian, and the hurricane devastated us. I’m talking house, cars, school, family photos & scrapbooks, soccer games, normalcy — gone before I could even realize I’d miss them.

It’s known that communities come together after natural disasters. We also saw the whole country pitch in to help my little town. Each week, more aid workers in orange vests visited my makeshift FEMA trailer school bringing school supplies and cleaning up the aftermath.

At 13, I witnessed strangers come…

We arrived in Baños with zero expectations, possibly the best way to discover a new place. We hopped off the old, worn out bus and walked through the streets with childlike wonder.

Where are we??? I silently asked myself.

The small town was centered in between lush mountains and one massive volcano sitting at 5,023 meters above sea level. All around, you could see waterfalls sprouting out of the sides of these mountains. It was fantastical, enough to make anyone giddy with the excitement and joy of being alive.

Within twenty minutes, we’d both found a hostel and walked the…

I gasp for oxygen in the thin air. Kneeling next to me, a fellow hiker from Italy, Andrea, passes me his homemade granola. I take some with gratitude, and we motivate each other to keep going.

As I stand up, the world around me spins out of control. Altitude sickness is getting to the best of me, but I take a few more steps. Almost there.

Andrea and I are just two of the ten hiking enthusiasts in our group who are doing a four-day trek in Peru’s Cordillera Blanca mountain region. It seems that more people want to see…

One of the reasons I travel is to meet people from all over the world. It is a beautiful thing to meet strangers who you can instantly connect with and share stories, ideas, and moments with. Traveling is an opportunity to step into another culture, look into others’ lives and customs, and be inspired and learn from what you see.

By introducing you to Lucía and women like her, whether it’s other small business owners or solo travelers, my intention is to shine a light on the essence of what it means to live fearlessly. The women I am featuring…

One of the reasons I travel is to meet people from all over the world. It is a beautiful thing to meet strangers who you can instantly connect with and share stories, ideas, and moments with.

This is exactly what happened when I met CJ. There we were standing next to each other at the airport in Havana, Cuba, and as we began to talk, I immediately knew I made a friend. She’s independent, creative, and thoughtful, and all around awesome.

By introducing you to CJ and women like her, whether it’s solo travelers or small business owners, my intention…

We are all travelers in this journey called life.

Sometimes you are lying in a hammock enjoying the calm lapse of waves in the Caribbean. Other times you are bustling through a populated city, taking in the excitement of new sites and smells in Tokyo. And then, there are times when you are in transit. You are sitting on a long, winding train, looking out the window, reflecting on your journey. Memories of where you’ve been and who you’ve met dance around in your mind, nearly coming to life on the distant landscapes outside of the window. …

As a travel blogger and expat who lived in Spain for more than two years, I often get messages asking for travel tips and advice about life on the road. I’m always so excited to hear from people who read my blog and love your feedback. There is this one question I get very often: “How do you afford to travel?”

Ask anyone who travels full time, and they will agree…this is an awkward and difficult question to answer. I mean, how often do people ask you about your spending habits and bank account statement? …

Over the last four years, I’ve lived or studied in ten different cities, some short term while others were months at a time. Recently it’s been six months in D.C., four months back home, and a couple years in Spain.

On the surface level, this is what a transient life entails, but it is so much more than that. It’s meeting more people than you can count. It’s realizing that less really is more, especially when it comes to packing your life in a suitcase. It’s making incredible memories with incredible people you’ve met along the way. …

Society tells us the most acceptable way to do things. That’s why you see a long line of women waiting to use the restroom instead of just going into the empty men’s room. Society tells us what is “normal” and what is not. As an American, I’ve grown up with this unspoken timeline on how my life should go:

  1. Go to college at 18 knowing what I want to do with the rest of my life.
  2. Graduate and hopefully have a job lined up.
  3. Start working ASAP! Can’t be back at home with the parents!
  4. Use the little bit of…

Jamie Gominger

I’m Jamie, a lover of travel and self exploration. Join me as I share travel stories about the shenanigans I get into while adventuring around the world.

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