Who Rules the School

A soon-to-be graduate with a dual major can be hard to juggle for the normal student. Caden Fabbi finds time to handle both while being the ASUN president at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Caden Fabbi is president of the Associated Students of the University of Nevada, Reno. This organization is for students, run by students. ASUN funds student activities and programs on campus and also offers scholarships to students of the university. ASUN helps put on fun activities for its students like “Welcome Week” concerts and free food across campus.

Caden Fabbi has been involved with ASUN through his entire time at UNR. He previously held two different positions before becoming president. He was the former Speaker of the Senate, and a former senator for the College of Liberal Arts. His leadership skills expand from more than just ASUN.

He is also a member of Interfraternity Council, the College of Liberal Arts Advisory Board, and the fraternity, Alpha Tau Omega.

Interviewing Caden Fabbi in the Reynolds School of Journalism, at the University of Nevada, Reno

As president of ASUN, Caden makes decisions about the student budget, how to plan events for students, and is the governing body of our school under higher administration. He also serves as a liaison between our student body and the administration, our school, and the city of Reno. He has been in office for about 6 months, but is sure his presidency is different than his predecessors.

Caden Fabbi says his presidency is different because he is “present” when other presidents have not been as involved. He has influenced the rest of ASUN to be present as well. “It’s me making sure that we have someone everywhere, we have someone at every university committee at every time,” Fabbi says. His presence on campus is known from all of the various events he attends to support everyone on campus.

Caden is also well aware of what is going on throughout his campus and what is concerning to his student body. One of the biggest concerns this year has been the large amount of students enrolled at the University of Nevada, Reno. UNR’s student population has almost reached 21,000 students according to a university press release. This large number has been troubling a lot of students with space concerns.

Luckily, Caden and ASUN have made different changes to help out. “We have recognized that our campus is really growing a significant amount and we know that things like event space have been a problem and those are things we kind have been addressing in the past,” Fabbi states. The venue for the “Welcome Week” concert was even changed to the Reno Events Center to accommodate more students.

The large student population does not worry Fabbi, in his opinion, “It has been positive in fact, I think more than anything students are really excited.” He even went so far to say that this is the “most lively campus culture” he has seen since he has been here.

Sharing a laugh with the ASUN president

With all of his duties as president, school and graduation is still a huge priority for Caden. He credits a “good relationship” with his professors for his academic success throughout his presidency. He will be graduating this spring with a major in political science and international affairs.