I Wish Women Would Stop Writing About Weight
Kris Gage

Since I’m not really into stories about weight or wanting to meet a guy either I can understand this to a point, but it’s not like there are no women writing about other things.Off the top of my head (and my Goodreads shelves), Octavia Butler writes science fiction. Victoria Law is an activist who interviews women in prison and writes a lot about that. Kathy Acker was an artist who wrote weird non-linear surrealist vignettes playing around with English language. Romy Ashby is a contemporary author who wrote a memoir about being an American exchange student in a work study program in Japan and falling in with the “bad-girl” crowd. I could go on , and I don’t know if any of that is interesting to you either, but it is some women authors who are writing about more than the standard topics you mentioned.