Finding Simple

Jason Goodman
May 5, 2015 · 3 min read

I’m going to share a framework you can use to try and earn your share of simplicity in your life. I don’t have any scientific proof to offer you regarding its validity, but peace of mind is at stake: so what do you have to lose in trying?

Before Getting Started | Food for Thought

You often hear people say that they just want to be happy. We say that despite knowing full well that happiness is an emotional state that you couldn’t possibly feel all the time. Even if you could be deliriously happy all the time, it would most likely just make you miserable.

People say they want happiness, but what I think everyone really wants is simplicity.

The problem is:

Finding & creating simplicity is not surprisingly, overwhelming & difficult

And so with that in mind, please find a nice quiet spot where you’ll be undisturbed for 5 minutes.

A Framework for Simplicity:

  1. Stop it.
  2. Seriously … Whatever you’re doing, thinking or feeling, just … don’t. Please. Just — Stop.
  3. Breathe.
  4. Breathe slower.
  5. Deeply now.
  6. No don’t look there. Just — stop!
  7. Thanks.
  8. Good. Nice.
  9. Smile. You’re alive.
  10. Don’t overthink it. You’re alive. Ok? Still with me?
  11. Look at your hands. They’re weird aren’t they? They’re like 5 independent students leasing the palm of your hand.
  12. Think about gravity. Your feet are on the ground, sure. But you’re more upside down in space than standing, if we’re to be honest about it.
  13. Think about orientation itself. There actually is no orientation unless it’s relative to something else. We really aren’t up or down or sideways or anything. We’re just … here.
  14. Stop it. Forget what I just said.
  15. Don’t do it. Don’t think about your work.
  16. Keep reading.
  17. Thanks. I owe you one.
  18. Isn’t this amazing. We’re talking and yet, I don’t even physically exist to you.
  19. Think about how life is full of amazing.
  20. Look at your hands. They’re not weird. They’re amazing.
  21. Look in the mirror.
  22. Fine … flip the camera on your phone.
  23. There … you’re looking in a mirror.
  24. Look at yourself. You’re amazing.
  25. Stop it. You are …
  26. Don’t compare yourself! It’s like saying they’re up and you’re down. They’re not and you’re not. There is no “better”. Just other people who realize they’re amazing and people who don’t.
  27. Smile again.
  28. Think about calling your mom.
  29. Think about crying a bit and getting over that thing you never get over.
  30. Think about forgiving yourself because time is just another illusion to add to the list. Today is another series of moments you can enjoy. Do that.
  31. Have a glass of water.
  32. Think about how water is amazing.
  33. Think about how lucky you are to have as much water as you want whenever you want it. Do you really deserve that? Yes. Yes you do. So does everyone. They really deserve to enjoy water.
  34. Think about sharing. That’s beyond amazing.
  35. Think about others who don’t have anything, yet they share everything they have. That’s astounding.
  36. Think about how much potential you have. It’s almost overwhelming.
  37. Think about how powerful your impact could be for all these amazing people around you.
  38. Pick one amazing person or group of people you’d like to be amazing for. There’s not wrong answer. They’re all amazing. Even the angry ones.
  39. Don’t stop now.
  40. Fight for this.
  41. Picked someone to help?
  42. Take a minute now …
  43. Got it?
  44. No — no it can’t be yourself.
  45. Ok — got it?
  46. Good.
  47. Go write out a plan that will make that helping happen. It’ll be great.
  48. Look at your hands. It’s amazing you can see things, isn’t it?
  49. Think about how lucky you are.
  50. Take another breathe.
  51. Think about babies. They don’t do much, but they’re pretty awesome though. right?
  52. You know what the most awesome thing is about kids? They always know how to be themselves. That’s amazing.
  53. Do that.
  54. and … don’t eat factory farmed animals.

55. Simple.

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