The Hip were one of the greatest live bands of all time because beyond the epic rock and roll, were Gord’s tangental, musical, intellectual rants filled with wisdom, social commentary, humour and of course — poetry.

I’d drafted this concept of starting a “Gordopedia” to capture quotes from Gord’s live shows when I found about his fight with cancer. It was a therapeutic way for me to mine and marvel his eccentric musical monologues, while also serving as a living document of his Gordism’s for us all to enjoy and share.

This remained in my drafts for a long time and now, like many of you, I’m thinking about him all the time and feel the need to do something to honour his legacy.

Here are some of the Gordism’s I’d tracked down from watching live show’s on YouTube. If you’d like to add a live monologue/poetic rant, just add it in a comment and I’ll make sure to keep this updated.

Gord: we love you.

Boy Bands

“I don’t think we feel threatened. We tend to stick to the collector lanes and don’t seem to get either embraced by the massive, you know, embrace of success of the vagueries of failure. We tend to just please ourselves. But g-d bless all those bands making music and singing and dancing with everything they’ve got. That’s what its all about. Having fun” — Much Music Q&A


“A dolphin attains torpedo speed expending a tenth of ones energy. Do it!”


“Where do you think you’re going? It’s a microphone in a microphone stand. Where do you think you’re going without me. I’m a man. Its a microphone in a microphone stand and it thinks its a man. Why am I calling him him. Why am I giving him an identity?


“In the glowing days of the band. In the glowing days of the band, we’ve invented this scarf made of two socks. A singer needs to keep his/her voice always warm. It only took me twenty eight years to figure that out”


“Thank you very much. Be safe going home. Pick up your shit. Be safe. Thank you”.


“This is a Gordon Lightfoot Song. I will remain motionless, if you need a target”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcK1P491lmk


“Take me to Sugerbush! You sleep. I’ll drive”


“Summer on! Summer on! Take care of each-other. Drive the speed limit. Wear a life jacket. Summer on! Live in Abbotsford — 08/08/2009