Rails/jQuery Project

Another Flatiron/Learn project completed.

This one was a bit challenging, because I built jQuery and JavaScript functionality into an existing Rails project. I didn’t know ahead of time that I would be doing this, so the original project wasn’t built with jQuery and JavaScript in mind.

This project utilized the asset pipeline. This was a first for me on an independent project.

I also used jQuery and event listeners to grab data from views, utilized functions to grab and work with data from the database, built constructor functions, and inserted the returned information into the DOM.

Without a doubt, the coolest part of the project was pulling together much of what I have learned over previous projects and lessons.

Working with JS is the most fun I’ve had in the program, and I have come to really love JS. Ruby is well-known as a language specifically written with programmers in mind, but I find JS to be elegant and absurdly powerful.

Onward to React. See you there!