Answers & Questions, a simple concept creating great Dialogue.

No, I did not mean Q&A — there is a difference! I follow a variety of successful businessmen, politicians, and entrepreneurs, and often times they’ll answer questions from their respective fans or critics. Over and over, the same questions are asked, and variations of the same response are given. The only dialogue created is between the person asking the question and the person answering. Think of it this way: there’s an interview going on between two people, and you’re at home watching on TV. However, when this process is reversed and the person of interest asks the question to his or her respective audience, you are now apart of the interview. Rather than just hearing one persons perspective, every single person now has a voice, thus creating an open channel for dialogue.

With this open channel for dialogue opinions are shared, feelings are expressed, and ideas are created. People are encouraged to think, speak what they believe in, and engage with others — so much more valuable than hearing one persons opinion! Anyway, I hope that the whole Answers & Questions grows into more of a thing. I’ve seen it before with two of my favorite internet personalities, Casey Neistat and Gary Vaynerchuk, but very few others. It’s such a simple concept, with a substantial difference from the classic Q&A.