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By the numbers there’s my driver’s license,
car registration, license plate, zip code,
various accounts, street address, birthdate
home, work, and cell phones, passport, credit cards
debit cards, PINs, social security
frequent fliers, internet passwords, stocks
checking, HMO, IRA, museums
library card, land and enneagram.
I know its a lot to remember, but
thank god I finally know who I am.

It’s all here.

Oh — and bonus points for spotting Iron Maiden!

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Trust — funny how we are meant to forget the breaches of Trust committed by Organizations like Equifax and Wells Fargo because someone somewhere says ‘sorry’.

It keeps on happening … over and over again … and barely a blink of the eye. Not even for the Equifax breach that announced a security breach that started in May, 2017 and wasn’t even discovered until July!

It took Equifax another 40 days to let people know outside the company.

The whole article by People First’s Louis Rawlins can be read here.

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Original Techcrunch

Important, People First is not a politically driven group, but in modern America, it is increasingly hard to keep politics out of business as the two seem to get rammed against each other over and over again.

This article falls into three parts, the first referencing a politically oriented post, the second from a VC and the third my thoughts about the connection between the two.

David Frier travels by the nickname ‘Kahomono’. In his words …

Yeah, it’s a funny nickname. Americans say, “you lucky dog!” to the guy with the woman who’s just too amazing for him. …

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Interesting article …. well worth the full read — but some highlights that resonated for me and the mission of People-First

why are we slow in the west to get it ?

People in the U.S. — and especially longtime participants in the U.S. financial system — have tended to underestimate bitcoin because we have long enjoyed relatively stable political and financial systems. …

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Personally I thinkg that if indeed the “drivers are only in direct and regular contact with specific operations groups” that there is a massive opportunity being missed by Lyft.


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Caught this article through Doc Searl’s list over at #CustomerTech. In the very first paragraph we read;

It’s why Uber, the poster firm for Silicon Valley bad behavior, would think it’s okay to greyball — that is, blackball someone temporarily or provisionally — public officials who were investigating the company.

Given that The President Of The United States is attempting to do exactly the same thing — not sure why we are surprised. Or am I missing something?

Still ,there must be something in the water this morning — because I also just posted this.

Final quote from Paul McFredies…

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The video is on the click through to Dans blog.
This made me smile ..

The biggest challenge of the talk was that I wrote it thinking I had 40 minutes but arrived to find I had only 20 minutes.

.. sometimes it helps to be caught out … you should read his books aswell

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Getting Real Specific On Location, Location, Location

Don’t worry, you read that right … Pill Hung During are around 15 three word phrases that will tell you exactly where the President’s Oval Office is in the Whitehouse. Phemomenal stuff really — since the team at WhatThreeWords have mapped the entire planet out with just three words — so if you want to … oh I don’t know … send a UPS package to someone on a bench in Hyde Park — you can do that …amazing. …

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Stowe Boyd looking at ‘employee experience’, the idea that customer experience ideas can be reapplied to increase employee engagement.

In this initial episode, I’m taking a look at employee experience, the idea that customer experience ideas can be reapplied to increase employee engagement.

As I commented on the article …

If organizations invested as much attention and money into employee engagement as they do into customer engagament, we would live in a much brighter world.

Read the whole article here.

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Sometimes you read something and realize yes — absolutely — and how can I add to that … you can’t. This is one of those.

“To understand capitalism, one first has to strip away the appearances presented by its ideology. Unlike most bourgeois theorists, Marx realized that what capitalism claims to be and what it actually is are two different things. What is unique about capitalism is the systemic expropriation of labor for the sole purpose of accumulation. Capital annexes living labor in order to accumulate more capital. The ultimate purpose of work is not to perform services for consumers or sustain life and society, but to make more and more money for the investor irrespective of the human and environmental cost.”

Michael Parenti, Blackshirts and Reds via Stowe Boyd — and a whole host of others over at Tumblr that moved the quote through the system.


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