The Internet is Rigged
Dave Pell

I’d like to agree with you, but…

I love a rabble rousing, stand up for the common man kind of story. Lets all grab our pitch forks and demand our right to live in the 1990's again!

Wait, who are we against? By reading your essay, it appears that Apple runs the internet. Apple is a big player. If you’re standing in Cupertino, the internet probably does look a lot like Apple, just like if you’re standing in a corn field, the world looks a lot like a farm. But from the International Space Station, the world looks considerably more diverse.

There are yet to be defined products and markets that will be exploited on this same internet. Some will be by very clever and ambitious independent developers. That these opportunities are not easily obtained anymore is not news. (And it does not just apply to the internet. Ask Elon Musk how easy it is to break into the automobile industry.)

It is the year 2016 now and the world we live in has changed over the past 20 years or so. Those that do not adapt, don’t necessarily perish, but they struggle. Fortunately, we have a free internet where people can complain about it.