An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane


Unfortunately, I feel your plight is not unique to San Francisco. It seems to me that the easiest population for any society to exploit is youth. First they have no idea how the system works. Second, they have no hope of any kind of revolution because by the time youth is empowered they have become establishment.

Look around, most of the bad jobs, bad pay out there are being handled by young people working ridiculously hard for low wages and low respect. I’m not going so far as to say indentured servitude, but the way we treat our youth as a society in my opinion is shameful.

We give them no respect, no opportunity, no training, and blame them for being irresponsible and inadequate. One day we’ll look back on this period and be ashamed of ourselves.

You’re angry now. The sad thing is by the time you have the power to do anything about it, you may not want to.

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