Conversations to Make Thanksgiving More Meaningful with Your Family

Thanksgiving is a great opportunity for families to take the time to reflect on the things we have — not the material goods — but the love of family, the opportunities we enjoy, and the comfort of home. Among the tasks we have as parents is to raise our children to be mindful of what they have, to be cognizant of what others do not, and to figure out ways to help others. In recognition of the Thanksgiving holiday, the quieter time together, and the opportunity the holiday presents for multiple generations to share each others’ company and conversation, below are some of’s most popular articles from the past year for you to share and enjoy as a family before, during, or after your meal. All of these articles relate to timeless values we should share with our children. I hope you find them helpful.

Read about how a group of students used recess time to learn sign language so that they could communicate with a classmate.

Read about an Israeli charity “Save A Child’s Heart” that saved a little boy from Pakistan who needed heart surgery.

Read about a company whose mission is to “connect people through art” and “help bring the work of street artists to larger audiences.”

Read about an organization that fosters striking a balance so that people can improve relationships and achieve established goals.

Read about a woman who provides homeless people with access to showers.

Read about a teacher who created a club to help his students “look good, feel good, [and] do good.”

Read about a man who smuggles toys into Syria to help bring joy to the children there.

Read about a man who showed kindness and sensitivity to two women in a restaurant.

Read about a woman who encourages and nurtures an interest in reading by providing children in Indonesia with access to good books.

I hope that you can use these articles and the holiday of Thanksgiving as a means of continuing to spread your family’s light into the world and making its mark.

Wishing you an enjoyable and meaningful Thanksgiving!

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