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“Newsstand, 32nd Street and Third Avenue, Manhattan.” by Abbott, Berenice (1898–1991) is licensed under CC0 1.0

What really makes a good social headline anyway?

It’s a question we all talk a lot about, and the answer is often a matter of just knowing one when you see one.

But as part of a table talk at ONA this year, a few dozen journalists and I tried to come up with a set of principles of what actually makes a good social headline, and what doesn’t.

Here are eight questions — informed by that discussion — meant to help us all evaluate and write great social headlines.

  1. Is it fair and accurate? Obviously.
  2. Is it tailored to…

Jake Grovum

Journalist & US social media editor @FT. Before: Reporter/social at Pew’s Stateline. Anti-sidewalk-biking hardliner. Married to @emmacarew. Insta/Snap: jgrovum

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